Knowledges ≫ The Error # The number of packages, tray icons and stickers should be equal.

**Please clear your app data in your phone.

Please follow these steps

#Add a new pack

#Add a new tray icon to the pack (Tray icon must be 96x96px & PNG File and lower than 50kb )

#Add a new stickers to the pack/select all stickers not 1 by 1 (Stickers must be 512x512px & WEBP File and lower than 100kb --- At least 3 stickers, you cannot more than 30 stickers)

#click Contents Json button

#click Create zip button

#open your app

#thats it.

**Don't forget when you have add a new pack, please click json and zip button.

**When you update packages in your phone please click update packages in your phone.

Emrys Online Sticker App   9 January 2019